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The American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) is an organization that consists of veterinarians who have undergone specialty training in the field of animal nutrition. 
Members of this specialty college will have either “Diplomate ACVN” or “DACVN” in addition to their veterinary degree (DVM or equivalent title).

​The Internet and Social Media are home to a number of different sources of nutritional information for your dog or cat. While some of these are great resources, many are guided by self-interest (money, acclaim, or prestige) or are not informed by the latest medical insights. Providing specific guidance on how diet and nutrition modifications can help you manage your dog or cat's medical condition calls for someone with not only a background  in veterinary medicine but animal nutrition and physiology as well. 

The ACVN training involves an extensive residency program that requires graduate courses in advanced nutrition as well as clinical, teaching, and research activities beyond the standard veterinary school course work. Trainees are required to demonstrate practical skills as well as pass written exams in order to obtain board certification.

Individuals with both a veterinary degree and board certification through ACVN are uniquely trained in the nutritional management of health and disease and are able to guide other veterinarians and pet owners on the use of diet as a medical therapy. 

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